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Mount A Facha

Panoramic views from Mount A Facha

After leaving Balarés beach, with its industrial history in the shade of the pine trees, we rejoin our Camiño da Ribeira hiking trail (PR-G 148), which will take us to the summit of Mount A Facha.

As our steps or pedalling become increasingly more difficult, our efforts are compensated by the views that open up to the sea. The town and bay of Corme in the background, the island of A Estrela and the mussel rafts remind us once again that this forest path through pines, oaks, chestnuts and other plant life runs parallel to the Corme y Laxe estuary..

Moscoso´s coat , in Admiral Mourelle de la Rúa birthplace (village of Gondomil)

Below is the Puntal or Pedra da Facha. This was the place from which the inhabitants would spot enemy fleets, and would then light a fire to warn the population of a much-feared invasion. The locals would rush to gather their livestock and belongings and then hide in the mountains until the danger had passed.

The road continues on to the village of Gondomil, where there are examples of traditional architecture, and towards the Pedra da Serpe (Serpent Stone), a peculiar Christianised pagan symbol, which is a relief with the shape of this reptile on its base.

In this village of Gondomil – which lent its name to a hero of Pondal's who is literally buried in the Dombate dolmen (Cabana) – the crest of the wolf's head belonging to the Moscosos, Counts of Altamira, can be seen. You'll find it on the wall of the house where Admiral Mourelle was born.


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