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A Ermida beach and island of A Estrela

A Ermida: playa para el ocio y para la vida

A Ermida beach

A boardwalk leads directly to the fine white sand of the A Ermida beach, to its relatively gentle waves and to the feeling of the wind, from which you can also seek shelter under the pines at the entrance. In summertime, the beach offers all the required services, including toilets adapted for people with disabilities and access ramps.

From this point you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island of A Estrela; it is said that it was once connected to a sand spit, of which the beach is all that remains. The Camiño da Ribeira reaches here from Gondomil (Pedra da Serpe) and continuous one a kilometre along the coast among a dense forest landscape as far as the beach of O Osmo. You'll be amazed at how close to the sea you are walking!

The dunes complex of the A Ermida beach is also protected as an SCI (Site of Community Importance) of the Costa da Morte and an SPA (Special Protection Area for Birds). One of the location's ecological assets that must be respected is the wetland formed by the Guxín brook. For this reason, please avoid approaching the beach in any other manner other than via the boardwalk.

Taking a look at history and popular beliefs, the Corme-born anthropologist Manuel Rodríguez Cousillas warns us in his book Literatura popular en la Costa de la Muerte -Popular Literature on the Costa de la Muerte- (1998) that, if you are travelling the crossroads that goes down from the A Ermita beach towards the River Cuiñas of an evening and the washerwomen ask you to help them wring out the clothes, don't do it! You might get turned into a filefish (melgacho in Galician) and be carried downstream and out to sea!

Island of A Estrela

Island of A Estrela

At the bottom of the valley of Gondomil, opposite the A Ermida beach, lies the island of A Estrela, whose past is rooted deep in prehistory. The island is home to a fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village and the remains of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of the same name. There is a pilgrimage Easter Monday in the church of Santo Hadrián de Corme. If it coincides with spring tides, you can reach the islet on foot.

It also holds old graves of unknown sailors brought by the sea. Divers say the sandbanks are quite lovely.


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