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History and People

Many are the voices that can speak about present and future of Ponteceso Sea. There are also many others that can speak about a not so far past that highlights a “cormelán” explorer in the South Seas, the cabotage tradition or the intensity of the overseas trade flowing to the Anllóns estuary.

Nor should we forget about the tradition of fishing and cabotage. The vast majority of Corme people made a living with the merchant marine and the vast majority of Corme boats were devoted to freight. In the Retirees Club of the town, the old sailors who now play cards or dominoes sailed for part of last century or worked in cabotage sailing. The ships carried clay to the Mediterranean and returned with salt or tiles. A similar vessels than for many years before, during the end of s. XIX, sailed the estuary from Latvia or Argentina to the commercial port directed by Cesáreo Pondal, brother of the poet, just opposite his house.

José Ramón Varela, historian

Corme - José Ramón Varela

The cormelán José Ramón Varela, along with Eliseo Puñal, is the author of "Corme. Historia de su mar, sus gentes y sus barcos" (Corme. History of its sea, its people and its boats) through the pages of which they tell us about "many ships, people and unfortunately too many wrecks." With this book they wanted to fill a gap of five thousand years of history Corme. "Os Camiños do Mar" wanted to add his voice to this initiative.

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Jesús Méndez Torrado, musician

Jesús Méndez Torrado

Jesús Méndez Torrado is the director of the Ponteceso Band. On July 14, 2006 in the village of Froxán (Corme) he leaded a tribute to the 18 band musicians born in this place in the beginning of s. XX, including his father. At some point in this little place came to be more bands than neighbors.

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