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Spring at Froxán

After the fierceness of the days of winter, the arrival of spring will begin to warm the clouds, the wind, the cold and the sea, allowing hikers to explore and discover the boldest colours of the two routes included in the "Ponteceso. Os Camiños do Mar" initiative.

The Camiño da Ribeira Trail (PR-G 148) will be easy to hike on the sunniest of days while the view of the River Anllóns Estuary and the salty smell of the waves will share your path.

And if the Pondalian route is your choice, don't forget to visit the Princesa Moura Encantada (Enchanted Moorish Princess) waterfall, near Currás, and watch the water fall in all its glory towards the Pozo da Señora (Lady's Well).


Once there, close your eyes for a minute and make a wish (not a material one – this is very important to remember) with the unbroken, relaxing sound of the water falling in the background, under the shelter of a canopy of branches and leaves about to burst forth.

If the weather is wet, take extreme care when walking.

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