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The Anllóns sea

Several jobs were born and in some cases continue around the "Anllóns sea", the last section of the river before becoming the Corme and Laxe Estuary. The village of Ponteceso still recalls the work of anguleiros (eel pickers). Some fishermen on the reed bed banks were engaged in cold nights and rain to catch eels with only a flashlight and a "trueiro". This practice is now defunct due to fishing ban. In the collective memory is also fishing for flounder with "fisga" arts.

At low tide, small and fast figures you might see within the vicinity of Dunas da Barra are "mariscadoras" (shellfish). The shellfish industry is a source of work in this area, especially for women. They lead -only one man integrates the Anllóns River Shellfisheries Association- the river Anllóns Estuary exploitation included in the Red Natura 2000 network. They develop a plan for the removal of cockle, a high quality product that grows very easily in this bay.

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Julia Haz Barrientos, mariscadora

Julia Haz Barrientos

Julia Haz Barrientos is the president of the Anllóns River Shellfisheries Association dedicated to the collect of one of the delicacies which takes its name from the estuary´s: the Anllóns cockles. With over two decades of work experience, she tells us how her work is surrounded by a beautiful natural space.

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Venancio Fernández Rama, anguleiro

Venancio Fernández Rama

What season is the best to caught eels? And where? What took is used in this task? To answer all these questions Venancio Fernández Rama, a former eel picker tells about his fondness for almost half a century.

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